When there is a need to communicate a particular thing in a very powerful way, short films are the only solution. Kentwood films use this medium not only as a creative expression but also as a social reforming tool.

First work of Kentwood Films International is a Short Film titled ‘ A Wonderful Day ‘. Kentwood films is producing this work with the participation of Blackholemedia group. It depicts some real issues which we can see in the society and puts forward it’s solution. Mr. Romeo Kattookaran is directing the short film and Hollywood Cameraman Mr. Nuri Bauswell is doing Cinematography for it.  Ms. Stephanie.N works as Assistant Director for this project and Location Manager is Mr. Carlos Rodriguez. In this short film, some of the Actors like Ms.Tennille Taraszkiewicz, Ms.Haley Heslip & Mr.Steve Ostrander are from the Hollywood and Mr.Jason Vandrunen Mr.Jeffery Schlaack, Mr. Joseph Mitchell, Mr.Randall Sherioin, Mr.Ron Kolenda, Mr.Enemenceo, Ms.Rose are some other promising new faces. Shoot of  ‘ A Wonderful Day ‘ is expecting to get started on 2nd January 2019.  Main locations:  Grandrapids, Detroit, Wyoming and Chicago.

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